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Services Offered

Senior Level Education - It is essential for the leaders of any financial institution to clearly understand BSA/AML compliance responsibilities, corporate buy-in, risk assessment and compliance program objectives and development. As regulators explore the possibility of personal liability for BSA compliance failures, education in BSA will be crucial for senior level personnel. We will provide your leaders with the understanding they need to be successful in the compliance arena as well as to protect themselves against personal liability for compliance failures.

Supervisory Intervention - Differences of opinion between financial institutions and their regulators often arise regarding regulatory requirements. Resolution of those issues can be difficult. We completely understand the regulatory requirements of the BSA and can intervene with supervisory authorities to resolve differences of interpretation of regulatory requirements, assessments of risk and other issues that may cause difficulty in an examination environment.

Training - Providing effective training to directors, senior management and other institution staff is critical to overall compliance with the BSA. We can provide expert BSA/AML training to all staff levels and assist with the development of ongoing training programs.

Compliance Program Assessment - A lack of understanding of an adequate BSA/AML compliance program is the basis for much regulatory criticism. We can review your program and any criticisms, recommendations or suggestions from your auditors or regulators to enhance the adequacy and effectiveness of your compliance efforts.

Risk Assessment - The adequacy of a BSA/AML program is based on the adequacy of the risk assessment conducted by the financial institution. If you don't appropriately assess the risk, you can't appropriately address the risk. We can help you understand the risks associated with your products, services and customers to enhance your over all institution risk assessment.

Examinations and Audits - We understand the regulatory expectations of FinCEN, the primary federal and state regulators and other agencies that examine for BSA compliance. We can help you prepare for upcoming examinations and audits, assist you during the conduct of examinations and audits and assist you with any needed follow up or corrective action to examination and audit findings or criticisms.

Subject Matter Expertise/Consulting - We can provide expertise across a wide variety of BSA and AML related issues such as customer due diligence, enhanced due diligence, transaction monitoring, suspicious activity reporting as well as technical consulting on USA Patriot Act and Bank Secrecy Act compliance requirements.

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